SiNKR 2, a minimalist puzzler evolved, launches on Xbox December 11th

Posted by Robert C. Wahler on Tue, Nov 17, 2020
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Press Release

Wednesday, November 17, 2020 - Atlanta, GA - Wahler Digital announces that its minimalist puzzler “SiNKR 2” makes its console debut on Xbox One on December 11th.

SiNKR 2 is a minimalist puzzle game evolved from the award winning SiNKR. There is just you, hooks, pucks, and various contraptions. Subtle differences within level themes drive different solutions to superficially similar scenarios.

The retail price is 4.99 USD. Preorders start November, 27 with a launch discount that puts it at 3.99 USD. This is a Play Anywhere title. A single purchase provides both Xbox and PC games with shared progress and achievements. There is no review embargo, but holding reviews to release day for the added impact is appreciated.

Carried over from SiNKR

  • Tutorial levels (no SiNKR experience needed)
  • Advanced levels allow for multiple solutions
  • No scores, no timers, no distractions
  • Responsive ambient soundscape
  • No text, suitable for all languages

Improved flow through the game

  • Mini-map level selector with challenge ratings from * to ***
  • Multiple paths to complete the game
  • Skippable levels

Since its May, 2019 release on Steam, SiNKR 2 has earned more than 100 reviews and a 97% Very Positive rating. SiNKR 2 was an Official Selection of the Indie MEGABOOTH PAX East Showcase 2019, Winner Best Casual at DREAMHACK Atlanta, 2018, Winner Best Design at SIEGE, 2018, and a MomoCon Indie Game Awards Finalist, 2019.

SiNKR 2, like the original SiNKR, is quick to pick up, no text (supports all languages), and reviewers comment upon the gentle learning curve that leads to challenging puzzles. All levels are handcrafted to give the player lots of “aha!” moments and a sense of accomplishment.

Press access to preview copies is available by contacting Robert Wahler. Details at

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